The IAQG-sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT) course is the only IAQG-approved path for authentication by an Auditor Accreditation Body.

To receive authentication, IAQG requires that candidates be a "Quality Management System (QMS) auditor by nationally-recognized AAB or meet the education, training, work experience, and audit experience of ISO 19011."  Therefore, before attending the AATT course, all attendees are required to have knowledge of ISO 9001 and to have completed a recognized ISO 9001 QMS Lead Auditor training class.  All prospective auditors need to complete this requirement before attending the AATT Training Course.  The IAQG does not mandate what specific QMS Lead Auditor training you must take and this QMS Lead Auditor training (even if aerospace-industry focused) does not itself bypass the requirement to attend/complete the AATT.

The AATT is a blended training and evaluation program that includes online prerequisites, four-day face-to-face (in-person) training, and online final examinations (completed in class on the fourth day).  It is not currently possible to complete the AATT training in a fully-online environment.

The AATT program is offered by multiple Approved Training Providers (ATPs), and so the total cost of the program depends on the training provider you choose.  The full list of all ATPs can be found on IAQG's Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) here:  You will need a free account to access.

You may view a schedule of all public AATT classes by visiting the following page:

Except in certain cases outlined below, you will need to purchase the Online and Classroom components separately.  The Online Component ($445 USD) can be purchased on the IAQG Training website here:

When purchasing the Online Component, you will be able to schedule for the training class you wish to attend.  Training providers may offer both public sessions (where anyone may schedule) or private sessions (where you must provide a pre-arranged code to schedule).  Once scheduled, the Training Provider will reach out to you to provide further details and request payment for the Classroom Component.  

If you choose to attend a course provided by Plexus in specific countries, you may purchase one of the bundles listed on the IAQG Training website that include the classroom training and online components together.  These bundles are available for U.S./U.K./Canada/India ($2,590 USD) or Singapore ($2,790 USD).  The Plexus-provided classroom components may also be purchased separately in these countries.  If you choose to attend a course offered by any other training provider and/or in any other location, you are not eligible to purchase these products and the classroom portion will be refunded to you; instead, you must provide payment directly to the applicable Training Provider.  Classroom training prices are determined by each Training Provider.  Payment provided to one training provider cannot be transferred to any other training provider.