NOTE: This article is addressing the work you need to complete online after purchasing the AATT Online Component before attending the AATT training class.  For more information about the broader requirements to become an IAQG-recognized authenticated other party (third-party) auditor, please see the following:
- What training do I need to become an authenticated aerospace auditor?
- What are the work and audit experience requirements for initial auditor authentication?

The AATT Online Component includes several online training and assessment modules that must be completed prior to the first day of the AATT training class. There are both required and optional components. Your final examinations will not be accessible unless you have completed all of the required modules.

Required: The online modules identified as required must be completed prior to attending the instructor-led training. 

Optional: The online modules identified as optional are highly-recommended, but not required. In the case of Trial Assessment Scenario 2, participants are encouraged to wait until the instructor-led training portion of the AATT (day 3) is completed before attempting this module.

ISO 9001:2015 Pre-Assessment (Required | 2-3 hours)

Evaluation to assess the trainees’ knowledge of specific changes in the ISO 9001:2015 standard. You are required to achieve an overall score of 80% to pass this assessment. This assessment is divided into two sections:

  • Knowledge Questions (50 questions)
  • Short Scenario Questions (6 scenarios, 12 questions)

Foundations: Understanding 9100 Online Training (Required | 4-6 hours)

This is a prerequisite to attend the Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT) and will help you develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding the relationship of standards published under the IAQG umbrella.
  • Understanding the hierarchy of authority’s requirements and applicable advisory material, where to obtain additional information, and how to incorporate authority’s requirements into the AQMS audit activities.
  • Describing the IAQG 9104/sector scheme requirements for AQMS certification/registration programs
  • Describing the auditor approval requirements (as defined in 9104-3:2007)
  • Locating the OASIS database and describing its function
  • Explaining the intent and requirement of each clause/subclause of 9100:2016
  • Identifying the audit evidence required to demonstrate conformity to 9100:2016 requirements
  • Describing the documentation required by 9100:2016

9100 Forms and Audit Reporting Training (Required | 3-5 hours)

The purpose of this training is to address the requirements of 9100:2016, in the context of a third-party audit, considering the use of 9101:2016 forms and the conformity with 9101:2016 requirements. 

Trial Assessment Scenario 1 and 2 & Review (Optional | 2-3 hours)

Each Trial Assessment scenario consists of a single 20-minute scenario, with three question screens, that asks you to evaluate audit evidence and make decisions based on your understanding of 9100:2016 and your ability to use the 9101:2016 forms. Once you complete the scenario, you will be taken to the Trial Assessment Scenario Review module, where the correct answers will be explained along with the rationale.