This website is focused on IAQG-approved training and examination programs, and unfortunately we are not able to answer most broader questions about the IAQG scheme.

Topics where the IAQG Training Support Team can help

  • Creating or accessing your IAQG Training account
  • Purchasing or scheduling for IAQG-sanctioned Other Party (third-party) Training, Examinations, and Retakes
  • Accessing online training and assessments/examinations
  • Use of Remote Proctor technology
  • Questions/concerns related to training or assessment content/translations
  • Inquiring about exam results and certificate issuance
  • Support for Training Providers running AATT classroom and retake sessions

For these and other similar issues, please reach out to our Support Team by submitting a Support Ticket and our team will be glad to assist!

To help direct your question to the most appropriate party for other topics, please review the information below:

Travel and Accommodations Arrangements for in-person AATT Classes

If you are currently scheduled to attend an AATT in-person class and need more information about the training venue to make travel and hotel arrangements, please contact the Training Provider directly.  The Training Provider contact information can be found in OASIS at  (Free registration required.)

Other Party (third-party) auditor authentication

If you have questions related to work and audit experience for becoming an ICOP (third-party) AQMS auditor, or other questions related to on-going Other Party auditor authentication, please contact an Auditor Authentication Body (AAB).  You can find the list of approved AABs through the IAQG OASIS Database by visiting:  (Free registration required.)

IAQG rules and interpretations of standards

The IAQG has a centralized approach to sending feedback and questions related to IAQG standards, and that is using the Feedback system in the IAQG OASIS Database (  (Free registration required.)  However, the ICOP scheme includes many different standards, so you need to understand the most appropriate standard to direct your inquiry.  The related standards for some of the most commonly-requested topics are listed below:

  • 9100: QMS requirements for ASD organizations
  • 9110: QMS requirements for aviation maintenance organizations
  • 9120: QMS requirements for ASD distributors
  • 9101: Other Party QMS Audits
  • 9104-1: Overall IAQG AQMS certification scheme
  • 9104-2: Oversight of AQMS registration/certification programs (e.g., witness audits, office assessments)
  • 9104-3: Aerospace Auditor Competency and Training

A full list of IAQG standards can be found at the IAQG website at

Once you've identified the appropriate standard, log into OASIS, choose the Create Feedback Ticket option, select the applicable standard under "Series," the relevant standard version under "Version," and complete the rest of the form with the reason, requested response/closure, and subject/message.

Training for internal/lead auditors

At this time, the IAQG does not provide sanctioned training programs for internal auditors, including ASD Lead Auditors, and does not approve specific training providers to deliver non-sanctioned training.  While internal auditors are welcome to take the IAQG-sanctioned AATT course, many aspects of this program are focused on the audit reporting requirements applicable to other party (third-party) AQMS audits.  For non-sanctioned programs, please reach out directly to the Training Provider in question.  If you are not sure which Training Provider to contact, IAQG recommends the Training Providers approved to deliver IAQG-sanctioned training, which can be found on OASIS by visiting:  (Free registration required.)

Help with access/using the IAQG OASIS Database

The IAQG Training team cannot provide support for IAQG OASIS, and your accounts on the IAQG training website are separate from the account used in OASIS.  For help with OASIS, please visit the OASIS Help Site at or use the Contact Form at

All other questions

For any other topics not mentioned above, or if you are still not sure the best person to send your request to, please use the Contact form ont he IAQG website: