This program is no longer available for purchase.  Please see our new Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Upon completion of the final examination (or any retake examination) your Remote Proctor video and audio footage will be subject to review by authorized proctor personnel to verify compliance with all examination condition rules and guidelines.  This review process may take up to two weeks.  Assuming no issues were found in the review process, your results will be released in the order received, and you will be notified by email once available.

During the initial release of this examination in any given language, results will be held for an additional initial period of three to four weeks to verify aggregate auditor performance and make any needed adjustments to the questions and scoring prior to the announcement of results.  After this mandatory hold period, exams will be queued for review and processing in the order received, which may take up to two weeks (as noted above).  Therefore, if you complete the exams within the first week of training release in a given language, you can expect to wait between up to six weeks to receive your results.

While your exams are queued for review or processing, IAQG Training Support staff will not be able to provide any further details about your scoring results or the exact timing for release.  Please wait until after the scheduled wait period before contacting Support for follow-up.

In the event that an area of concern is found during proctor footage review, the situation will reviewed by relevant IAQG ICOT and AAB personnel.  This review process may take additional time beyond what is listed above.  Any policy violation determination, along with any related consequences, will be at the sole discretion of authorized IAQG ICOT and AAB officials, and could include temporary or permanent suspension from the ICOP scheme.