Use the IAQG Training website is subject to the Plexus Websites Terms of Use.

When purchasing online training and assessment/exam products on the IAQG Training website, products are considered "used" when the customer opens/accesses the training on the website.  If you purchased online training or assessments on the website but did not yet open or access it, you may request a full refund of the purchase price by sending a support ticket.  Refunds will be issued via the same purchase method used to make the original purchase (i.e. the same credit card).  In cases where this is not possible (e.g., the credit card originally used is no longer valid), we will work with the original purchaser to provide a refund via a suitable alternative method.  We will not provide a refund to a different person than the customer who made the original purchase.

If the customer accessed purchased online training or assessment/exam content, it is considered "used" and generally cannot be refunded in full or in part.  In case the customer realizes, immediately upon opening the product, that they purchased or were provided with an incorrect product, we will make every effort to provide the correct product or may provide a refund if appropriate.  If an online product includes multiple training or assessment/exam modules/components, accessing any one of these components counts as "using" the product; it cannot be subdivided further.

When purchasing instructor-led training via the IAQG Training website, refunds are subject to the policy of the related Training Provider.  Training Providers will generally provide a full refund if the cancellation request is made enough in advance of the class start date.  For last-minute cancellations or "no-shows," the Training Provider may withhold some or all of the purchase price due to expenses already incurred that cannot be recovered.  If you purchase an instructor-led product for a certain training provider on the IAQG Training website but later decide to attend a class run by a different training provider, and you provide cancellation notice enough in advance of the planned session date, we will refund the instructor-led component (or instructor-led portion of the related bundle) in full.

When purchasing bundled products that include both online and instructor-led components, the policy for each separate component will apply.  For example, if you access the online components included in a bundle, this portion of the bundle will be considered used and this portion of the price cannot be refunded.

When purchasing the Remote Proctor option for online exams/assessments, this will be considered "used" once the customer begins the related exam/assessment.  If the customer later decides to take the exam/assessment via an in-person proctored method instead of using Remote Proctor (and did not yet begin the related online assessment/exam), we will refund the Remote Proctor Fee.  After starting the exam via Remote Proctor, this fee is nonrefundable.

When completing a proctored online assessment/exam, issues may occur that prevent you from successfully completing the assessment/exam in whole or in part.  This could include "force majeure" situations, as noted in the Terms of Use, such as a total loss of Internet connectivity, power outage, or server provider outage.  In these cases, we will take reasonable efforts to provide affected individuals with a suitable retake opportunity at no charge (travel/accommodation expenses may apply).  If further accommodations are appropriate, such as full or partial refunds, we will work with the affected individuals on a case-by-case basis.  Reported concerns related to content or translation submitted via the Log Issue feature or considered as part of the Scoring Appeals process are generally not considered "force majeure" situations that would result free retake attempts and/or refunds.

Please work with our support team to make any refund requests and we will do our best to work with you in alignment with this policy.  If a customer initiates a dispute/chargeback with their credit card provider and the situation can not be resolved with the customer, this will result in termination of your IAQG Training account and an immediate loss of access to all purchased products or services, which may also jeopardize your current or future recognition in the IAQG ICOP scheme.

This policy is subject to change.  The latest version can be found on the IAQG Training Support Site.

Last Updated: 6 January 2023