As noted in the Plexus Data Protection and Privacy Policy, when you complete a training course or assessment on the IAQG Training website, your provided information (such as selected answers to multiple-choice questions) may be automatically graded by the website. In some cases, you may also submit assessment or project information to us (such as long-form examination answers or work files) that will be manually reviewed and graded by authorized grading personnel. All grading will be performed according to objective criteria established by subject matter experts in a fair and impartial manner. You may also request an appeal of scoring decisions (whether automatic or manual) by contacting our support team. We will perform such reviews in a fair and impartial manner and, to the extent possible, inform you of the results of said review within 10 business days. When it is not possible to change the examination results, we will take appropriate action to remediate the situation.

If you encounter a problem during an online exam/assessment that you believe may jeopardize your results, you must -- at the time you encounter the issue. while on the page with the affected question -- use the "Log Issue" feature to submit a report that explains your concern.  This feature can be found by clicking the main menu button located in the top-right corner and choosing "Log Issue."  If you cannot use the Log Issue feature due to technical issues, immediately close the assessment/exam and contact our support team to wait for resolution.  If you are completing the exam in a human-proctored setting, please also notify the proctor of your concerns.  Only concerns submitted via the official method -- by using the Log Issue feature while completing the exam/assessment -- will be considered for systemic scoring adjustments that can impact your results.  You must NOT complete the assessment/exam without submitting any concerns, wait until you receive your scoring results indicating failure, and then at that time submit an appeal request saying you encountered previously-unreported problems that jeopardized your results.  While we will still do our best to address any valid concerns in the underlying materials, concerns submitted after the fact CANNOT be considered for systemic scoring adjustments to your already-completed exam/assessment.

The Support Team CANNOT provide you with a copy of your answers, with the questions you answered incorrectly, or with a breakdown of the applied scoring criteria.  This information is considered a trade secret that is necessary to preserve the integrity of the online examination/assessment process, and will NOT be provided to you even if you make an information request under GDPR or any other global privacy regulations.  Decisions regarding scoring appeals/disputes made by Plexus International and the IAQG Certification Oversight Team shall be considered final.

When you submit a Scoring Appeal request, the Appeals Review Team will verify the details of your exam/assessment to confirm that all answers were submitted and scored according to the criteria established by the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the exam/assessment.  In case the exam/assessment includes a manually-graded component (e.g., interview score, written answers), we will verify that the scores were recorded correctly according to the established grading criteria.  In cases where concerns are submitted regarding specific questions/answers (including translation), we will work with the Content Review Team to determine if the reported error could have negatively impacted your scoring.  If it is determined that there are errors on specific questions/answers, we may change the scoring criteria on those questions/answers or elect to cancel the question, which will impact your scoring accordingly to the changed criteria.  We do NOT have the ability in our system to arbitrarily change scoring results or "give points" to make people pass.

Regarding the interview performed by Trainer/Evaluators in AATT training classes, answers provided by the student during the interview are noted by the trainer/evaluator and submitted according to a grading matrix invisible to the trainer/evaluator, taking into consideration the Personal Audit Information Packet assigned to each individual student.  In addition, answers are verified by an objective third-party based on answers provided during written activities.  We take these measures for every AATT participant to ensure an objective and impartial evaluation process.

When you encounter issues in an exam/assessment that may have impacted your scoring results, we may be able to provide you with an additional retake opportunity at no charge.  For programs that limit the number of retakes, this additional attempt would not count towards the assigned limit.  (In case of retakes that require in-person human proctoring, you may have to travel to an approved training provider facility to complete the retake.) 

To submit a scoring appeals request, please submit a Support Ticket, being sure to reference any Log Issue reports submitting during your exam/assessment.

This policy is subject to change.  The latest version can be found on the IAQG Training Support Site.

Last Updated: 6 January 2023