An updated IAQG-sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training program is scheduled to be released later in 2023 to reflect updates to the 9104-1 and 9101 standards.  This FAQ page contains answers to basic questions about this program, but more information will be made available in the months ahead. 

Q: What do you mean by the "AATT 2023" program?

A: This is the nomenclature we are using to describe the new version of the AATT program updated to incorporate the requirements of 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022.  (The exact name and year for these standards may depend on your local publication body.)  We decoupled the name from the version of the underlying standards to avoid confusion.

Q: Are there any changes to the eligibility requirements for this new AATT program?

A: No, this new program will continue to meet the Foundations Training requirement of 9104-3:2007 (and the equivalent requirement in newer versions of 9104-3), and is currently available for all QMS (e.g., ISO 9001) Lead Auditors who wish to transition to the Aviation Space and Defense (ASD) third-party ("other party") auditing scheme.

Q: Will there be changes to the structure of the course or the way it is delivered?
A: The overall structure of the program will be the same: students will have to purchase and complete the prerequisite Online Component on the IAQG Training website and then attend the 4-Day IAQG-sanctioned AATT Training Course run by any IAQG TPAB-approved Training Provider.  However, specially-approved training providers will also have the option to run the course in Live Virtual format (using online meeting technology such as Zoom or Teams), if they wish.  All initial exams and retakes in this new program can be proctored remotely.  We will release specific details of the new online prerequisite and exam structure when the program is closer to launch. 

Q: Will auditors who complete the new AATT still need to complete the 9104-1:2022/9101:2022 Delta Training?

A: No, 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 content is incorporated into the new AATT 2023 program, so auditors who complete the new training program will already be updated to the latest standards.

Q: How does this new AATT program impact me if I completed the AATT already?

A: If you already attended a 4-Day AATT training class in the past and successfully passed the program, you do not need to complete the AATT again at this time.  Instead, you need to complete the 9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Program.  If you attended the training but have not yet passed (are in the retake process), you must successfully complete your retakes by 30 April 2024.  Please visit this FAQ page for more information.

Q: When will the updated AATT program be available for purchase?

A: We are currently in the pilot test phase for this revised program.  Depending on the pilot feedback for ongoing improvements, we expect to schedule the English launch later in 2023.  The program will subsequently be translated and launched in other languages, based on the availability of the updated 9101 and 9104-1 standards in each language/market.  Please see the Content Release Timing page for the latest information.

Q: How much will the AATT 2023: 9100 Online Component cost?
A: As the program is still being finalized at this time, we will announce this information once we've confirmed the official launch date and final program specification.

Q: Will updated programs be made available for 9110 and 9120?

A: Yes, the training and examinations for these online programs are also being updated to reflect the changes in 9101 and 9104-1.  These updated programs are expected to release shortly after the launch of the updated AATT in each language.  Anyone who already purchased but has not yet successfully completed the current 9110 or 9120 programs must complete all needed retakes by 30 April 2024.

Q: I am an IAQG-approved Training Provider wishing to qualify my AATT trainers for this new program. What should I do?
A: Please see this notice for training provider details.