The IAQG Training website is pleased to provide self-service payment options for purchasing AATT online components, Delta Training bundles, Retake examinations, and certain training classes provided by Plexus International.  We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, JCB)
  • U.S. Dollar Check
  • Wire (Bank) Transfer or ACH Payment

To make a purchase, please find the product on our Online Store.  Please note that, for certain products (such as retakes or Delta training bundles), you will need to log into the IAQG Training site first to confirm your eligibility to purchase the product.

For payments made by check or wire transfer/ACH, access will only be granted once payment is received by our bank.  For international payments, it can sometimes take up to 1 to 2 weeks for the payment to cross the banking network.  If you need to receive access right away, we recommend to pay via Credit Card.

How do I pay for my AATT Training Class?

The IAQG Training website requires you to purchase the AATT Online Component directly on our website, and the training class is offered as a bundle for certain selected training classes offered by Plexus International.  For all AATT training by other Training Providers and in other global locations, you must pay the Training Provider separately for the training class.  Please contact the Training Provider for more information about the applicable payment arrangements.

Can I pay via Purchase Order?

All products on the IAQG Training website require payment in advance ("pre-payment") before access is granted.  Although your company may choose to issue a purchase order for this purchase, please note that we must receive payment in advance and cannot provide access under different payment terms (such as "Net 30," etc.).

What if someone else is going to pay on my behalf?

Follow the purchasing steps and then choose the option that someone else will pay on your behalf -- or select one of the check/wire transfer payment options.  Send the invoice file to the person who will be paying, and they can access our Invoice Management Site at if they wish to provide payment by credit card.

What if I need to make a purchase for someone else in my company?

The IAQG Training website is designed for auditors to self-manage their accounts and access, and we do not currently have an online feature where other company employees can create accounts or make direct purchases on behalf of other employees.  We recommend to ask the customer to create the account setup process and to generate the invoice as described above, and then they can send this invoice to you to arrange payment.  For legal and security reasons, please DO NOT share IAQG Training account credentials.

What if I have further questions?

Please send us a ticket at our Help Desk or contact us by phone at +1-888-788-4342.