Q. Do I have to complete the online prerequisites in a single day, or can I split it between multiple days/weeks?

A. All of the online prerequisites are self-paced, and you may split it over many days or weeks, as desired. However, timed online assessments and quizzes should be taken in a single sitting once started, except for specifically-designated breaks.

Q. Can I complete the training in any order/sequence?

A. No, each program is designed to be completed in a pre-arranged sequence. As you complete each requirement, you will open the next training or assessment module. However, you will be able to continue to access the training modules at any time for up to one year after you unlock them.

Q. Do I need to complete the 9100 program first before I can take the 9110 and 9120 programs?

A. You will need to pass the 9100 component before you can receive your 9110/9120 certificate. But you will be able to start 9110 and 9120 components even if you do not yet have the certificate for 9100.

Q. Do I need any other reference or guidance material to complete the program?

A. We highly recommend that you purchase a copy of the related standards before beginning the training course (ISO 9001:2015, 9100:2016, 9110:2016, 9120:2016, and 9101:2016), although relevant AS&D standards will also be visible online during the training. Other than this, the training does not require additional guidance material.

Q. How can I get a copy of the AS&D standards? 

A. The AS&D standards are published in multiple languages by various national standards organizations worldwide. For more information about IAQG Published Standards, please visit this IAQG webpage: https://iaqg.org/standards/

Q. Can I download the Training Material to read/consult offline?

A. At this time, the training material is only accessible to be viewed/accessed through our online Training and Assessment Platform.