Assessment personnel will review the recorded footage and your assessment results to validate the integrity of your assessment session, considering all (but not withstanding) the following rules:

  1. You must take your own assessment; you must not allow anyone else to view your assessment, or to complete any portion of the assessment on your behalf.

  2. You must take your assessment in a quiet environment without distractions and without any outside information (except for specific documents/tools when expressly permitted).

  3. When prompted, you must provide a clear, unobstructed, and accurate photo of yourself. You must similarly provide a clear, unobstructed, and accurate 360-view of your entire test-taking environment.

  4. You must ensure the audio and video recording continues unencumbered throughout the entire assessment.

  5. You must not take any deliberate action to close or interrupt your assessment session. In the event that your connection gets interrupted for reasons outside your control (e.g. internet provider outage), you must make every effort to reconnect and continue the assessment without any undue delay.

  6. You must not use any other software or application on your computer while taking the assessment. This includes any software that allows you to screenshot, capture, or record all or part of the web browser window. (As noted above, we strongly recommend closing all other programs and windows/tabs before starting the assessment.)

  7. You must not communicate with any other person, via any physical or electronic means, during the entire assessment. (The only exception is if/when contacting Remote Proctor Technical Support Personnel, which will be noted on your assessment record.)

  8. You must not create or retain any notes (on paper or via any other means) while taking the assessment.

  9. In the event that any software bug(s), exploit(s), or any other physical or technical circumvention measure(s) are discovered that would in any way undermine the integrity of the assessment or the secure assessment environment, you 1) must not take advantage of these bugs/exploits/circumvention measures in any way, and 2) must inform Technical Support personnel immediately.

Assessment personnel may, at their discretion, evaluate additional factors not listed above to ensure the integrity of your assessment session and results.

For more information, please review the Remote Proctor Usage Agreement.