Q. What exams can be completed using Remote Proctor?

A. The remote proctor can be used to complete the 9100 Knowledge Retake, 9110 Knowledge/Application, 9110 Knowledge/Application Retake, 9120 Knowledge/Application, and 9120 Knowledge/Application Retake. If you need to complete the 9100 Application Retake, you must schedule for a human proctored session.

Q. What is the price for Remote Proctor?

A. When using the remote proctor, the cost is $50 USD per exam. You will select the Remote Proctor option as your delivery option during the purchase process when selecting one of the above exams.

Q. What reference material am I allowed to use during a proctored assessment?

A. You may only use approved reference materials. Approved material includes official published versions of the 9100:2016, 9110:2016, 9120:2016, 9101:2016, and ISO/IEC 17021-1 standards. NOTE: Use of electronic copies of standards or other material is strictly prohibited (you may only use paper copies of the above-listed standards). The relevant IAQG standards (9100/9101/9110/9120) are available in the online exam interface using the "Standards Explorer" feature.

Q. If I already purchased an eligible exam, how can I add the Remote Proctor option?

A. Please visit your Dashboard, find the eligible exam in your Task List, and select the "Schedule" link. Your dashboard can be located at https://www.iaqgtraining.com/dashboard.