Q. If I run into a problem taking a timed assessment, what should I do?

A. If you are still in the assessment, please click the Menu button in the top-right corner and select the “Log Issue” option to send a report about the problem you are having. If the problem is preventing you from continuing the assessment and you are at a human-proctored session, please immediately notify the proctor so they can contact Technical Support.  For Remote Proctor or non-proctored assessments, after sending the report, please completely close the browser window or tab and wait to be contacted before proceeding. If you have already exited the assessment, please contact IAQG AATT Technical Support. It is not possible to address most assessment concerns or issues after the fact.

Q. If I get disconnected or have Internet trouble during a timed assessment, what will happen?

A. Generally, you will be able to enter the assessment again and continue from where you left off, and this disconnection will not count against you. However, limitations are in place on the amount of times you may re-enter, so please try to verify your Internet connectivity is stable before beginning the assessment.

Q. If I am on a slow Internet connection, will I be penalized during the timed assessments?

A. The system is designed to be fault-tolerant and to pause the timer while loading screens and related assessment material, so you should not be penalized for slower connections. However, if you get disconnected entirely and exit the browser, the system limits re-entry attempts. Therefore, we highly recommend using the best connection available to you, especially when taking timed assessments.

Q. I am receiving an error stating I exceeded the maximum number of entry attempts for the assessment. How can I get access again?

A. Each timed section of the assessment modules is intended to be completed in a single sitting, and the assessment has entry limits. Please contact IAQG AATT Technical Support to request re-entry.

Q. I tried to re-access the assessment some time later while in the middle of a timed section and it told me the time limit expired and exited the assessment section. If I still had time left on the timer, how can I gain access again?

A. Each timed section of the assessment modules is intended to be completed in a single sitting, and the assessment has entry limits. Please contact IAQG AATT Technical Support to request re-entry.

Q. If I fail an assessment, can I get information about areas where I need to improve to help with further study? 

A. For the ISO 9001:2015 Pre-Assessment, you will receive a score broken down into Knowledge or Application. Further breakdown cannot be provided for the pre-assessment at this time. For the Application Exams or Forms and Audit Reporting Assessments, you will receive a score broken down into multiple categories and a list of top areas for improvement. More information about this scoring breakdown is provided as part of the Trial Assessment Scenario Review.

Q. The AATT is not available in my primary language. Can I get additional time to complete the assessments/exams?

A. If the IAQG assessment/exams modules were never translated into your primary language, you might be eligible for 25% additional time to complete the exams if you meet the qualification criteria.  You will be asked to identify your primary language and provide more information on your reading and writing proficiency in your currently-selected language.  To request this consideration, please complete the Extended Time Request Form at least 5 business days prior to your examination/assessment date. Please note that additional time cannot be added after you already started a timed section, unless you start the exam/assessment over.

NOTE 1: If the AATT has been translated into your primary language, you will not be eligible for additional time; instead, we will switch the language of your online training/examination into the other available language.  To request a language change, you may contact our Support Team.

NOTE 2: We will also grant 25% additional time to support accessibility-related requests if you meet the eligibility criteria.  If you believe you should be eligible for such consideration, please submit a request to our Support Team along with the related information/evidence.  In this circumstance, please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to the examination/assessment date to allow sufficient time to review your request.