Q. When attempting to purchase the training package by credit card, I receive an error saying that my address is incorrect and doesn’t match the address on my billing statement. What should I do?

A. Please verify your credit card statement to confirm the address, and ensure that you enter the street address on the first line of the address field. To be appropriately recognized, your street address should begin with a number, such as “123 Test St.” If you are not able to resolve this issue, you may pay by credit card over the phone at +1 (888) 788-4342 or +1 (226) 777-0160. To save time when calling, please pre-generate an invoice for your purchase by choosing the “Cheque or Wire Transfer” option. You can then pay for this invoice via credit card over the phone.

Q. I was previously planning on paying via cheque or wire transfer, but now want to pay by credit card. How can I do this? 

A. If you already have an outstanding IAQG Training Invoice, you may pay it with a credit card by visiting the following page: https://invoice.iaqgtraining.com

Q. I chose to pay my invoice with a wire/bank transfer and just sent the money through my bank. When can I expect to receive access?

A. Please allow 10 to 20 business days for bank transfers for processing. You will receive an email once your payment is received and processed. To help speed processing, please ensure to properly identify the account name and invoice number when sending the transfer (as explained on the bottom of the invoice). You may also send a notification once the payment has been sent by visiting the following page: https://invoice.iaqgtraining.com

Q. I represent a CB or large organization and wish to make a bulk purchase for a group of eligible auditors. Is this possible?

A. Please contact our Customer Service Team at +1 (888) 788-4342 or +1 (226) 777-0160 to make the necessary arrangements for a bulk purchase.