This program is no longer available for purchase.  Please see our new Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

This document is intended to answer questions related to the 9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Final Examination that is included as part of the Delta Training Bundle.  For other questions, please see our General FAQ.

Q: How long is the exam? Is it proctored?

A: The exam is one-hour long and includes 30 multiple-choice questions.  The exam is proctored using Remote Proctor technology.  Please review our Remote Proctor FAQ for more information. Use of Remote Proctor is included in the program's purchase price and is subject to your agreement to the Remote Proctor Usage Agreement.

Q: Will I be able to refer to other standards/documents during the exam?

A: Copies of the 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 standards will be provided in the online interface for reference while completing the exam.  However, you may NOT refer to any documents/materials, whether printed, on your computer, or on another electronic device; you may only refer to the standards available in the examination interface.  You will not need to refer to any other standard/document to answer the exam questions.

Q: Can I take breaks during the exam?

A: The exam is designed to be completed in a single one-hour seating and there is a time limit for re-entry after your exam time starts.  If you get momentarily disconnected due to Internet connection issues, you will be able to rejoin.  However, if you wait for too much time, or if you get disconnected too many times, you may be locked out of the exam.  In this case, you will need to contact our support team to request re-entry.  Please see our Timed Assessments/Exams FAQ for more information. 

Q: Are there any additional proctoring costs for the final examination?

A: There are no additional proctoring costs.  The Remote Proctor Fee is included in the purchase price.

Q: Were can I find more information about Remote Proctor?

A: We have a series of support articles that explain how Remote Proctor works and address many common questions and concerns.  Please see the Remote Proctor section of our Knowledgebase.

Q: What should I do if I do not have a suitable location or device to complete the exam remotely via Remote Proctor?

A: Please discuss with your CB to see if there is an option to complete the exam at an office facility, or discuss with an IAQG-approved Training Provider for other options.  At this time, this program does not have an official in-person human proctoring option.

Q: What is the score required to pass the Delta Exam?

A: Auditors are required to achieve an 80% score to pass the 9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Final Examination.  Auditors who fail to achieve the necessary score will be able to purchase and attempt a Retake Examination.

Q: I completed the exam.  When will I know my results?

A: Please review this support article.

Q: What should I do if I discover a problem in the content of the training or exam?

A: Please use the Log Issue feature, which you can find by clicking the main menu button located in the top-right corner of the screen, and select content/translation issue in the dropdown list.  Please submit the report while you are looking at the screen where the problem exists.  For issues encountered during timed assessments/exams, this is the only recognized way to submit these concerns that will be considered during an appeals process.

Q: Is there a limit the amount of times I can retry the exam?  What is the cost per retake?

A: There is no limit to the amount of times you can retry the exam, although each retake attempt costs $95 USD.  There is no specific time gap between attempts, but you must wait for your Remote Proctor footage to be reviewed and your results to be released after each attempt.

Q: Can I get more information on why I failed my exam or what areas I need to improve?

A: After your results are released, you will be able to access a scoring chart on the IAQG Training website that shows your score and lists "Areas of Improvement."  These are determined based on the types of questions you answered incorrectly during the exam.  Each question in the exam is related to changes in the standard reviewed in the Delta Requirements Training, so we recommend reviewing the training and the underlying standards before completing a retake.  The Support Team is not able to provide any additional detail about your scoring results besides the information provided in this scoring chart.

Q: How can I appeal my scoring results?
A: Please review our Scoring Appeal Policy.